Monday, 31 October 2011

There's a pounding in my head

Trick or Treat?

Oi, where are you going Jimbo?

My lovely boyfriend

Happy Halloween readers! A dark nighttime outfit post for you today- how fitting! These are my new Topshop trousers, bought in their sale. I was especially pleased with these as the tag read £7 (reduced from £36) however when I brought them to the till the were only a fiver! Bargain. I also got a further 10% discount with my student card (I love you). My green cardigan is H&M (also bought in a sale) and it cost me just one pound. Yes, you read correctly £1! You can't go wrong really? My necklace is Primark and the floral brogues are eBay. 

Thank you to Jimbo for taking the photographs!

Amy x

Sunday, 30 October 2011


Today I went to The Royal Academy of Arts in London to see the 'Building in Revolution' exhibition. Photography and art came together to document the remains of the Soviet architechture and some beautiful pieces where revealed. I really enjoyed the exhibition, some beautiful photographs by photographer Richard Pare. Check him out, seriously!

Alright so I've totally worn that outfit before, but hey, this time my back drop is the RAA so who cares...? For my lovely new readers my shirt is Primark, skirt is M&S, belt is vintage, tights are H by Henry Holland and my handbag is Kathy Van Zeeland. 

Obviously I couldn't take any photos in the exhibition but I urge you to go see for yourselves or google Richard Pare. Some beautiful derelict shots for anyone who enjoyed my last post!

Side Note: Sorry for my crumbling shoes -I promise I'll by some new black dollies soon, I just can't let go of these ones yet. They are so comfortable and have served me well *sniffs.*

Amy x


My photographical expose: Derelict buildings.

When I enter these places, I'm chilled but also excited. These places are things of beauty and I feel so privileged to be able to see these places before nature (or the council) reclaims them. Not a very wordy post but I'll let the photographs do the talking for me:

I love visiting gems like these, I just wish it wasn't so hard to gain access to them. Woe is me. 

Amy x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

This one is for the boys in the polos.

OPI is back with another kick ass collection in January 2012 by the one and only Nicki Minaj. Excited, me?! Yes. The shades are as eye popping as you'd expect from the queen of Hip Hop. The names of the shades are just as funky, with a 'Nicki' twist to them.

The shades include a Barbie pink called 'Pink Friday,' a fearsome green named 'Did it on em,' two glitter shades called 'Metallic 4 Life' and 'Save Me' and a purple shatter shade entitled 'Super Bass Shatter.'  However, my favourite shade has to be bold blue shade 'Fly.' I hope the pigment is a popping as the image of it above suggests! 

Bring on January I say.

Amy x

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I know you've been burned, but every fight is a lesson learned

I got my hair dyed and cut today! It came to a jaw droppingly unexpected amount (goodbye paycheck) but it was definitely worth it. Heres me posing for you and showing off my new trousers which I purchased yesterday:

I really dislike my hair straight (how the hairdresser blow dried it) but hopefully after I wash it it'll be more 'me.' I love the colours (pillar box red and coppery blonde) although they will soon fade to achieve a more gradient look which I'm also excited about. The hairdresser said it should be like this soon! I had to have an inch taken off my length which scared me a bit as I haven't had my hair cut in so long, I wasn't sure what it would be like after. But, thankfully its turned out lovely :). What do you guys think? 

My *new* trousers are New Look, my tshirt is Dorothy Perkins and my necklace is Primark for anyone interested!

Amy x

Monday, 24 October 2011

Nothing can save you

Today was spent with the girlfriends, giggling, gossiping and shopping, lots of shopping! I got a few things which I'll show you tomorrow as the light died on me tonight. Heres what I wore:

Dress: River Island
Boots: Graceland

My Mum took my little sister into London today and they bought me back some cute things:

Mmm M&Ms and a cute teacup? Yes please!

Amy x

Sunday, 23 October 2011

This week has been...

Hard Working
I've done lots of over time at work this week, which, will pay off tomorrow hopefully when my moneys goes in to my account *dances.*

Loving my Glossybox, especially this 'Dermalogical' Lip Complex. Its divine.

My boyfriend made me this origami heart -in he cute? I also got to see my bestfriend all the way from Switzerland. Que girly gossip over coffee - love.

Tom, Louisa, me

The bestest, Stephanie and I

Jimbo and I
My friend Louisa turned 18 this week and these are some photographs from her fab party. Big shout out to Tom (see above) hes a great mate and a  real character. He also now reads my blog. Everyone say 'Hi Tom.'

Amy x

Thursday, 20 October 2011

The Fawn, The Girl and The Earmuffs

Coorrrr is it chilly or what? Time for the winter wollies to come out of hibernation!

Coat- H&M

Skirt: Topshop
Boots M&S

Top: H&M
Scarf: M&S

Necklace: River Island

Ear muffs: Primark
Ring: Topshop

However cold it may be, it certainly was sunny today! Perfect light for an outfit shoot and to play with my camera in the garden. There was a beautiful caramel coloured fawn parading around my garden 15 minutes before I took these shots, however, not having a zoom lens got the better of me and the shots I got were fairly difficult to read! I did manage to get about 6 metres away from it before I got my camera out and it shot off. No need to be camera shy!

Amy x