Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Give me a second, I need to get my story straight

Hey my lovers! Well, the giveaways over and the winner has been contacted, its almost June and Half Term on Monday. Oh, and LETS NOT FORGET THE FRIGGIN JUBILEE. (How British am I?) Unfortunately, the weather is supposed go down hill from now on but until then, I shall be slavering myself in lotion and basking in the gorgeous rays the South East is experiencing!

Please excuse the slightly over exposed/blurry images. My camera got over excited about the weather. I kid, a good photographer never blames the camera.

Tee- Topshop
Shorts- H&M
Sunglasses- H&M
Flip Flops- Accessorize

Who thinks I look like a bug in these sunglasses? I bought them on a whim last year (having broken/lost a gazillion other pairs). What an I say? They are turquoise. I'm a sucker for turquoise.

Here are some photographs I've taken in this glorious sunshine we are blessed with:

Thank you for reading this rather imagey (making up new words since '94) post and I wish you the very best June. If you want, you can pop over to my youtube channel and subscribe where I have just hit 100 subscribers! Woooo *celebratory dance.*

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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Ombre/Dip Dye Nail Tutorial

Hopefully this post is pretty self explanatory! But if not I've also got a tutorial in video for here, which you can watch if photographs aren't enough. This look is so awesome and is very Summery. You can also rock this look with darker colours (black and blue?) for nighttime. Or perhaps add a coat of glitter polish to your nails for extra awesomeness! 

I hope this helped!

Amy x

Monday, 28 May 2012

Sponsors for June!

Hello lovelies! Its that time of the month again, where I awkwardly call for Sponsors! Yay! I'll start by saying a massive thank you to May's sponsors (go check them out, you won't regret it) who will be hanging around with us until 1st June. 

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Saturday, 26 May 2012

'Photography by Amy'

If anything can cheer me up- a giveaway can. Well guess what? I won one of my favourite bloggers -AThriftyMrs's giveaway of a voucher for Pixum. 

Pixum is a online shop specialising in high quality photo printing. Like AThriftyMrs, I chose to get a photo book printed containing my personal photography. However other options were calendars, canvases or greeting cards!

Here is the finished product:

Chessy? Yep! But definitely high quality. It was also easy to design -all done online- (I'm a poet, don't cha know it?) and only took me about 30 minutes to perfect. It also arrived super quick!

Check out my video about it below:


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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Even the sun sets in Paradise

Brits, who is enjoying this, frankly, GLORIOUS weather? I sure am! Its making revision for my exams a lot less awful. I'm enjoying not having to wear tights and getting my tan on.

In other news, I have added a new product to my online jewellery shop, so be sure to check it out!

Dress: Next
Belt: New Look
Shoes: New Look

I also wanted to ask: I've been posting a lot to my youtube channel (thecameraliesbeauty) reently, and I haven't always posted my videos here. Would you like me to post my videos on here too? Or would you rather they remained on Youtube only?

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Monday, 21 May 2012

Wear me like a locket around your throat

So apparently its getting warmer this week in the Uk, with highs of 20! By writing it down I'm hoping it'll make it more true.  Anyway, if the weather man is right, this will be my last day of wearing nylons with my shorts *crosses fingers & toes.*

I also have some exciting news... I've opened a shop! I'll be selling jewelry and trinkets (provided I have some interest) here. I'm currently only selling three items of jewelry, however a fourth will be going up soon and if you guys are interested, I plan on selling some cute kitchsy gifts as well as vintage inspired jewelry. Check it out! P&P is free in the UK!  

Shall we play spot the cat in the outfit post?

tee: Fall Out Boy Concert!
Jacket: Primark
Shorts: Abercrombie and Fitch
Belt: New Look
Sunglasses: Primark
Boots: Barratts

Ring: £3.50, Thecameraslying Jewelry

Key Pendant: £8.00 Thecameraslying Jewelry

Should you all like the items I'm selling and the go down well, I will be upgrading my Bigcartel site so I can give you guys discount codes, more items and exciting promotions! 

Also, do you like my new hair colour? My Dad dyed it for me last night using a Nice and Easy kit. Great quality dye and the process was really simple, it just wasn't quite a big enough tube for my long hair, which is something I find many 'home dye kits' guilty of. 

I hope you all have a lovely week and don't forget to enter my giveaway of a NARS blush here and 'like' my facebook for news of up coming posts, giveaways, videos and new products!

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Wise Words

Hello lovely followers, whether you are finishing Uni, taking A levels or GCSEs, I have some words of wisdom for you. No, sadly they weren't coined by me but if you want more of this wisdom head over to pinterest where I found all of these inspiring images. Or if you want a chat with an exam taking stressball, you can email me at '' and we can moan about exams together. Enjoy!

Now back to studying you naughty people!

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Amy x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Take me down to the English Channel...

...Throw me in where the water is shallow and then drag me on back to shore -Frank Turner, 'If Ever I Stray'

Wow, finally a lull in the torrential rain the South East of England has been experiencing! I couldn't believe it when I woke up to blue skies. I immediately cracked out the sun hat (whilst feeling very Audrey Hepburn) and took some outfit photographs for you.

It looks slightly like I'm bare foot here, but I promise I'm not. I'm actually wearing nude pumps from New Look!
Shirt: Brighton Boutique
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Hat: New Look
Bracelets: Gift

This is my casual, very few things to do today, outfit. If it had been as warm as it was sunny I would've worn shorts. Woe is me, evidently we are asking too much for a bit of warm, sunny weather.

I also managed to film a video today which will be up on my youtube page, along with a makeup storage video which went up yesterday evening! Be sure to check those out.

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Happy Wednesday!

Amy x

Monday, 14 May 2012

St Ives Apricot Facial Scrub Review and Event!

Last Wednesday saw me heading up to London in search of three things:

  1. The new John Lewis Beauty Hall
  2. My boyfriends birthday present (click here to see what I got him)
  3. And the St Ives blogger event!
I thoroughly enjoyed a day of retail therapy and present hunting before taking a well deserved Starbucks break to plan my route to the St Ives event. Me being the eager beaver I am, I arrived half an hour early, but at least I was out of the rain! 

The event was to celebrate St Ives' well known product- the Apricot Facial Scrubs, which have recently had a modern revamp. I listened to some talks on the products and exfoliation, which I go into more detail about in my video, and also tried my hand at painting a wig stand in my version of natural beauty. I have to admit, mine looked more like David Bowie than anything remotely 'natural' but I had a lot of fun doing it.

I also got to meet some great bloggers and chat to all the lovely St Ives girls, who were genuinely interested in blogging and beauty (my kinda people!) I'd like to thank St Ives for the invite, the canapes and of course the booze! The whole event was thoughtful, fun and considerate so a big round of applause for St Ives.

 My idea of 'natural beauty'


Amy x

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Collective Beauty Haul

taking a break revision are we? Cheeky! Well, I'm glad you stopped by anyway because I have a collective haul video for you. So grab a cuppa and a biscuit (preferably of the chocolate variety) and relax to my soothing vocals....?! I even added in some bloopers at the end for your viewing pleasure. Have a lovely Sunday, readers and don't forget to subscribe!


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Amy x

Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Roaring 1920s, a Tribute

The 1920s. War was over, economy booming and for the first time, women lives were liberalised. Hem lines got shorter, as did the hairstyles and women began wearing more slap on their faces. These substnces were dubbed 'makeup' by MaxFactor and soon 'makeup' took off. Everybody was dancing, dripping themselves in the finest clothes they could afford and most importantly, having a great time. No wondering we  coined the phrase- 'the roaring 20s!'
Its no secret I'm in love with the decade. I've posted about 20s flapper style on here before (please leave me a comment below telling me if you followed me when I wrote that post!), but my love has been renewed as of late for a number of reasons.
  1. The Vampire Diaries- Is it just me that would LOVE to see The Vampire Diaries run a spin off series of Stephen and Damons lives in the 20s? They do the flashback scenes SO well!
  2. The speech I heard yesterday at the St Ives event (more on this to come), by Emine, the Beauty Editor for Psychologies Magazine on beauty throughout the ages. It was so insightful!
  3. Drop waist dresses and embellised dresses coming back into season!
This time I decided it SIMPLY wasn't enough just to do a mood board/inspiration post or an OOTD. I needed to do a video of my 20s inpired outfit, complete with Jazz music from the decade and period hair/makeup!

So that is exactly what I did! I worked hard on this video, so please watch it and leave me some feedback! I welcome constructive critisms and also subscribers *winks.* Thank you for supporting me with my new Youtube endevours! I appreciate there is a lot of beauty/fashion bloggers and youtubers out there but I promise The Camera's Lying will never follow blogging post trends or copy anyone elses writing ot ideas. Here you will always find interesting (to me at least!), original and above all unique content. Thank you for everything, kind readers.

Amy x