Friday, 31 August 2012

Beauty is Timeless

Illamasqua's newest release 'Generation Q' is all about beauty no matter your age. Be you 16 or 61, 18 or 81, Illamasqua's new range of products is aimed at everyone. This got me thinking about my Grandparents who come from very different times from me. If I want to buy a beauty product, I will research it on the internet first, but back when my Nana was 18 this wasn't an option. I wondered what tips she'd always lived by, where she got her beauty products from and if I could learn anything. 

The next time I visited her, I noticed how great her makeup was- eyeshadows that complimented her eyes and rosey lipstick. She also has the skin of someone 10 years younger than her which is something I hope to achieve when I reach her age! (I won't be so rude as to put it on the internet!)
Avon Super Shock Mascara
Maxfactor Mascara and Eyeshadow
YSL Touche Eclat
L'Oreal Eye Make up Remover
Garnier Toner

The first thing that surprised me was seeing YSL Touche Eclat pen on her dressing table- an internet cult product. This is something my Nana claims to use 'when she remembers.'  This is a product, I, in all honesty wouldn't have known had it not been so widely written about on the internet, so seeing it in my Nana's collection surprised me (she doesn't have as broader access to the internet as I do)- this lady knows beauty! 

No 7 Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser
The next thing I noticed was a large number of No 7 products. From makeup to skin care she seemed to have it all and spoke about the Tinted Moisturisers as being a step she rarely misses out of her day to day routine. This is great as the No7 tinted moisturiser contains SPF 15 and provides hydration as well as coverage- probably why my Nana has such fab skin and so few signs of sun damage!

Rimmel Eyeshadows
No7 Eyeshadows
Eyeshadow Brush
Natural Collection Eyeshadow
 This little box probably showed me the most about my Nana's tastes. It is full to the brim with blue and greeny eyeshadows from brands such as Rimmel and Natural Collection. She told me this was because they compliment her eyes, and I certainly agree. I love that she wears such bold colours and pulls them off so well, when I know so many people my age shy away from such colours, hugging to their safe neutrals. My Nana has found what colours work for her and stuck by them.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream
 I uncovered another cult product- the famous Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream which my Nana has nearly finished a whole tube of. She says she finds the consistency unpleasant, however, on her skin but it must do a great job!

I asked her what her top tips where and she told me that she dislikes using makeup remover wipes and prefers using removers and toners, which are better and more gentle on the skin. She also never skips a step in her skin care routine- diligence even I can't claim! She never goes anywhere without her lipstick- something I can relate to, and we both agreed to be lipstick girls over lipgloss girls- neither of us liking sticky lipglosses.

She seems to get much of her beauty knowledge from daily papers and magazines and often saves up deals in newspapers to send of for beauty products- a great way of getting free samples. Another thing she told me was to switch up skin care often. She never remains faithful to a particular product for too long, giving it breaks every so now and again to ensure her skin doesn't become numb to the benefits.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick
 My Nan's nail polishes where pretty pinks and pale reds whilst her lipsticks where bolder rosey colours, her current favourite being a pinky colour from Avon, a brand my Nana used to work for as an Avon Rep, so she often uses a lot of their products.

Of course I had to include a photo of the elegant lady herself! Here she is applying her base makeup and wearing the lipstick pictured above! Leave her some love in the comments and thank you very much Nana for agreeing to let me loose in your makeup bag.

I'm also selling some things on my Ebay, if you'd like to check them out!

Amy x

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in #27 Rose Paris Review

I've officially popped my 'designer lipstick cherry' and I have no regrets. I'd been lusting after YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks forever after hearing both Vivianna and Corrie talk about them (both are lovely ladies whose opinions I trust whole heartily!) The packaging and great reviews made this lipstick seem like heaven. I wanted, needed it in my life, but after swatch after swatch I still found £23.50 for a makeup product, well, steep. 


But that all changed when I passed my driving test. I needed to congratulate myself (I say need, it was more of a half arsed excuse!) so off I popped to Boots, two best friends in tow and my card at the ready. 

Shade 27 was the one that caught my eye, described as a bright coral pink, I think it is perfect for Spring/Summer, but rest assured I'll be airing this baby all year round. The formulation is creamy, which, whilst being moisturising, does mean it slides around on your lips quite a lot.

 The satin feeling texture is pleasing and the smell is also quite pleasant- not as over whelming as the MAC/Illamasqua scents, but still there. Everything about this lipstick screams luxury and class.
 Although the initial wear time isn't great, when it does fade off your lips, it leaves a pretty tint behind meaning you don't have to worry about it fading away to an unattractive colour/leaving lines around your lips. Touch ups are rarely needed due to this. This 'tint' lingers for ages and I found it still being on my lips after a few glasses of wine and a hearty meal!
I got a lot of compliments wearing this shade, even from people who don't 'do' makeup- which really says something. I have to admit, I've fully invested in YSL's Lipsticks and am already wishing I had the funds to expand my collection to include a red shade and a neutral shade! 

Next on my list? Chanel!

Amy x

How To: Get White Teeth at Home

Teeth are important. Not only because they are a 'one time' thing, they won't grow back or repair themselves if the chip, but because they are one of the first things we notice in people. Its a wide known fact that smiling can help you feel better, uses less muscles than frowning and can attract the opposite sex. This being said, discoloured, not looked after teeth can make your smile less sexy and more repellent. 

Not matter what your smile looks like- crooked, gappy, straight, small, long, (all great varieties of toothness) keeping them clean and healthy can make you feel so much more confident. Here is how I look after and keep my teeth white at home, without having to pay extortionate amounts of money for cosmetic help (I'm looking at you Simon Cowell).

Products Shown:
Plackers TwinLine Whitening Mint
Colgate Deep Clean Whitening With Baking Soda Toothpaste
Extra Ice Sugar Free Gum


I'd also like to mention my NARS Orgasm Giveaway has ended! Thank you for all your entries, retweets and such and such. You boundless support and love is so over whelming some times. I wish I could get each and everyone of you a blush! Click here to find out who the winner is (they have already been emailed).

Amy x

Friday, 24 August 2012

How To Wear: MAC's Cranberry Eyeshadow

I love raspberry shades. From deep mahogany reds to shimmery, pearly pinks. But good golly are they hard to pull off on your eyes. They need careful placement and slow building up to avoid looking tired, upset or some times even like you've been punched in the eye! 

Normally if I see a red/pink eyeshadow colour that I'm drawn to, I will seek a similar shade in a blush or lipgloss as they are much more acceptable places to don the pink and red hues. However, every single time I entered a MAC or passed a MAC counter Cranberry (a frost finish eyeshadow) jumped out at me. I swatched it every single time. I must have swatched it a good 40 odd times (on seperate occasions) before finally, FINALLY my Dad noticed how I couldn't leave the shade alone and offered to buy me it and put me out of my misery. This offer took me aback as a) my Dad dislikes spending money on things which are unnecessary or don't have some sort of motor in them or can be strummed and b) because I never actually thought I'd own Cranberry. 

A few months later I've fallen into a deep, passionate love with Cranberry and I think I've mastered the tricky shade. Above are some images of me wearing MAC's Cranberry and the look I put together for a tutorial video. If you want to learn how you too can pull of beautiful yet unforgiving reds and pinks, give this tutorial a go.


I hope you enjoy this tutorial and while I've got your attention- enter my giveaway! You could win a NARS Orgasm- my new love. 

Amy x

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

How I style High, Low Skirts

High, Low/Dip Hem/Waterfall skirts are all over the blogging scene at the moment. Seems we can't get enough of them! They show off your legs without being too 'risque,' help people who can't pull off the maxi dress look (like me!) give the trend a go and also keep you cool for those hot summer days. Not that we've had many in England! But, they can also be a tricky piece too style, so I threw together three outfits ranging from blow out dress up to casual, all using this skirt from Glamorous Uk.

Outfit One- The 'Mid Way Transitional' outfit
I created this outfit as a comfortable yet slightly more dressy look. Great for transitioning day to night, perhaps a BBQ?

Outfit Two: 'The Comfortable One'
This one was created with maximum comfort in mind. Slouchy knit, and converse, yet still looking quite thought through?

Outfit Three: 'Dressed Up To The Nines'
This one is a layered, draped effect with lots of contrasting materials and, of course a pair of heels. Standard.

To see where everything is from and for up close shots, watch my video below! While I've got your attention- enter my giveaway! You could win a NARS Orgasm- my new love. 

Amy x

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How To: Make Your Own Eye Primer!

Eye Primer helps to keep your eyeshadows on for longer and looking brighter. They provide a perfect, smooth base for dramatic eye looks and they can also be expensive. I've tried a few "drugstore" primers such as the ELF one and MUAs offering. I've also dabbled in the famous Urban Decays 'Primer Potion.' I found the two cheaper options useless (there, I said it!) and Urban Decays one positively bank braking. In true thrifty style I decided to make my own. That was a year ago, and I haven't looked back since.

 What You Will Need
An empty pot (I used a Lush sample pot)
A long lasting liquid foundation (I used Rimmel's Lasting finish)
A thick under eye concealer (I used Dirty Work's 'Bye Bye Dark Circles!')
A body butter, un or lightly scented (I used Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter, yes really)
Please note it must be a butter not a moisturizer as butters are thicker and provide the perfect base consistency.
A tool to mix it all together.
 Step 1
Put a dollop or a few pumps of your foundation into the tub you intend to use. Don't use too much as the key is to get equal parts of the foundation, concealer and body butter.
 Step 2
Add an equal part of your favourite under eye concealer. I used a slightly blue toned under eye concealer as my eyelids are quite red and veiny (yum!)
 Step 3
Add an equal part of the body butter. In this photo I have topped up the foundation to make sure the mixture is three equal parts. You can use a measuring scale to be more accurate, but I'm too lazy!
Step 4
Stir the mixture until it is a smooth, even consistency. If the body butter is difficult to mix in, simply heat the bottom of the container up (by holding under hot water) to help melt them all together.

And thats it! Quick and easy isn't it?! Its also cheap and I've found it to be better than the drugstore alternatives. I wouldn't say its as good as Urban Decay's Primer Potion in terms of making the colours 'pop' as much but it definitely lives up in terms of longevity! I no longer dread using pigments thanks to this primer. I hope this helped!

While I've got your attention- enter my giveaway! You could win a NARS Orgasm- my new love. 

Amy x

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Paint your love all over my world

Once upon a time there lived a talented lady named Philippa. She ran the beautiful, whimsical art blog 'Cocoskies' where she showcased all her talent for illustration and watercolour work. One day, Philippa held a giveaway for a unique piece of her own art work. Fellow blogger and watercolour lover Amy of The Camera's Lying decided the opportunity was too good to pass up and she quickly entered.  The lucky blogger ended up winning the giveaway and Philippa started to work her magic.

A few weeks later, a beautiful watercolour of Amy and her boyfriend turned up at Amy's house. Here it is, the work of art:

I felt I had to write this post in the whimsical, fairytale-esque way I did, because there is something truly out of this world about Philippa's work. You all need to go and follow her on every medium, basically! 

Thank you, Philippa, you star.

While I've got your attention- enter my giveaway! You could win a NARS Orgasm- my new love.

Amy x

Friday, 10 August 2012

This type of life didn't come with instructions

I've been in Bournemouth for a holiday at home. Its been good and I've vlogged a lot of it on my youtube channel. Those videos will be below, but for now heres what I wore out to a meal to celebrate the holiday. I didn't Vlog the last day as unfortunately I was ill (dodgy bagel= food poisoning!) but I was content snuggled up on the sofa with the Olympics. 

Dress: H&M
Shoes: New Look
Necklace: H&M
Rings: Topshop (left) Accessorize (right) 
Watch: Radley

Later that evening, we went up onto the terrace to watch the fire works over the ocean. It was very beautiful site to behold and let me have a go at some tripod+long exposure shots on my camera! Here are a few of the shots I got. I was quite pleased with them, but I don't think any of them beat this absolute corker of a firework photograph my talented boyfriend took. Hes a clever bean.

Have any of you been away this Summer? Let me know where! Did you have a good time? While I've got your attention- enter my giveaway! You could win a NARS Orgasm- my new love.


Amy x

Monday, 6 August 2012

NARS Orgasm Review and Giveaway!

When I reached 250 followers, I gave away a NARS blush I had fallen head over heels in love with. Well, I've found another one, and unsurprisingly its the cult favourite 'Orgasm'.' Okay, okay so I'm really late onto the bandwagon here, but when I saw this in the flesh in Space NK, it was love at first swatch. I quickly purchased it (and signed up for a Space NK reward card...) and got it home to try out.

That was almost two weeks ago and our love affair is still going strong. So strong in fact, I thought seeing as I'm nearly at 450 followers, I should give one to one of you lovely readers as thanks and a bit of a throw back to when I had 250 followers! But more on that later.

Of course, I love the NARS packaging, asides from its over eagerness to pick up dust, its very classy. I'm also in love with the pigmentation of this blusher, I know its going to last me ages as you only need the tiniest amount. Okay, so at over £20, its not cheap, but I definitely prefer NARS blushes to MAC ones, and there is only a £3 price difference. I feel 'Orgasm' lasts well for a powder blush on the cheeks. I wish these photos did the peachy tones with golden flecks justice, in real life its simply breath taking, like a sunset! I sound crazy, but wow do I love this blusher!

NARS Orgasm Blush Giveaway!

Amy x
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Friday, 3 August 2012

July Empties

I hate waste, so I'm always one of those people who like to literally, scrape the barrel of my products. Its only once they've been cut open or squeezed to practical inversion, that they are deemed 'empty' and placed into my little red bag of used goodies. Once this bag is full, I like to do a little video to show you, what I've used up! Here is what will be gracing my recycling bin this month:


The video above contains mini reviews of each product so you can see what I enjoyed and what I will be avoiding in the future. Do you watch empties videos? Would you like to see more empties posts on my blog? Let me know in the comments below and get excited for my upcoming giveaway!

Amy x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder

Glamorous have been pretty lovely to bloggers, recently! They sent me two dresses, one of which I featured in this post and the other which I am wearing here. I love both dresses, but I have to say this one is most versatile. I've rocked it over a bikini on holiday, with flats during the day and also with heels (as seen below) for a night out. Its relatively simple, but the electric blue colour and dip hem scream HELLO EFFORTLESS STYLE.

Dress: c/o Glamorous
Shoes: Next
Necklace: Accessorize

I'm also loving the peacock feather necklace I paired with this dress. I received it for my birthday and I haven't taken it off since! I also love the bright orange and gold heels I paired with this dress- contrast colours for the win!

Amy x