Friday, 31 May 2013

The Company Style Blogger Awards


I've been banging on about the Company Blog Awards for ages now, and this is -probably- the last you'll hear of it from me (I hear your sighs of relief!) as it was the big event last Wednesday. I was nervous, excited, and so grateful to have been shortlisted in two categories. I wore this pretty blue dress from Chi Chi after literally pulling my entire wardrobe apart to find something! I added my pinky nude heels from New Look and a bright fuchsia pink clutch from Accessorize.  

Unfortunatly the night started off on a downer, with my getting lost, running up and down London in a panic, in heels, sobbing. Yep, dramatic. I ended up grabbing the first taxi I could see (who was waiting at a traffic light!) and sobbing to him were I wanted to go, makeup all down my face... Once we got there, I didn't have the right amount of cash to pay him, so the cheeky so and so informed the sobbing mess in the back of his cab that there 'isn't a cash point near by, so you'd better run because I'm leaving the meter running.' Queue more crying and a panic rush to tesco to spend more money than necessary on chewing gum to reach the card machine limit to get cash back.... Talk about drama. 
Dress: *Chi Chi
Lashes: Primark!
Luckily upon arriving, I met up with Rhiannon, Megan and Georgie and I washed away my blues with blogger chat, cocktails, sushi and photobooth fun! There was hair styling, lash application c/o VintageCosmeticsCo and sunglasses customisation station. 

Rhiannon and I, fourth time meeting each other and our first photo together.
Although I didn't win, I was really happy for everyone who did and I had such a great time meeting everyone and seeing old blogger friends. I had some great chats with members of the Company team (yeah, I was fangirling) and loved picking through the goodie bag we received.
Ellie, Rhiannon, Victoria and I photoboothing!
Sophie and I, happy to finally meet!
Sophie, Victoria and I after the event
The three photos above are pinched from Sophie's blog, thank you Sophie!
A massive thank you to Company for having me and to each and everyone of you who nominated and voted for me. I felt so honoured to be shortlisted!

Amy x

Monday, 27 May 2013

Turn the speakers up to 10 and then 11 'til we break the windows

 Return of the Lana Del Rey floral crown, sorry not sorry. Its my new favourite thing, and three pounds. Did I mention it was only three pounds? THREE POUNDS. I've been using it to push my fringe back when my forehead is feeling a bit tarty and wants to come out to play. However 'samey' my headwear may be, you can't argue with my background/poses! After 2 years of blogging and 99% of my outfit posts taken outside, standing up, I'm inside, on my bed. Crazy, I know.

Dungarees: Primark
Tights: *Tights Please
Tee: H&M
Floral Crown: Primark
Cushion: Primark
I'd also like you to meet my new pug pillow! He cost me £4 from Primark and was a 'cheer up and banish the blues' treat. I'm a bit obsessed with it, turquoise plus cute pug? Totally me.

Amy x

Sunday, 26 May 2013

At night I fell asleep with visions of myself

Okay so this outfit makes me feel like Lana Del Rey, which is funny considering my most popular post was all about Lana Del Rey and the scandal surrounding her! I wore this outfit for an 'almost night out'... i.e. I didn't make it out in the end- oops! I don't know if you can tell from these images but I've also dyed my hair! I know am root free and slightly more 'ombre-d.'



Playsuit: *Lashes Of London
Shoes: *Office
Ring: Primark
Necklace: Topshop
Floral Crown: Primark
I can't believe I paid a mere £3 for this floral crowns, I haven't seen any ones on the internet go for less than £15! I would suggest snapping one up, although it is quite 'out there.' I'm also totally in love with the gold heart cut out buckles on this playsuit- so cute.

Amy x

Friday, 24 May 2013

Fash 'N' Grab

I mentioned a while back that you might be seeing more from me on Fashtag's channel, and this is what I meant. The Fash 'N' Grab shopping challenge, which I took part in with Fashionrocksmysocks and Sianshutterbug. We each pulled a random sum of money out of a bowl and were told to spend it in the most fashionable way we could, in one hour. Fashtag presenter Lewis then surveyed our wares and chose the winner!

Although I didn't win, I did have a lot of fun partaking and a massive thanks to Fashtag for the day! You can see me style my purchases here

Amy x

Thursday, 23 May 2013

This kind of shot comes once

Sorry long time no outfit but revision combined with life circumstances have meant I've spent most of my days in my pyjamas. Seriously. But I'm back (I think) and today I'm showing you two of my new favourite 'Summer in England pieces' I.e. warmish items in summery colours. 





Jumper: *She Likes
Shorts: Lipsy
Shoes: River Island
I absolutely love these shorts which I got in the Next sale from Lipsy and this mint green cropped jumper is my favourite thing ever, right now. So comfy yet edgy and in my favourite colour, ever.

Good luck to anyone like me who has exams coming up! You can do it, just think of the great summer ahead (provided the weather kicks up) and work your butt off now.

Amy x

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Liberty London Beauty Event: Brushes With Greatness

Last Thursday I had the privilege of being invited to Liberty's Beauty event 'Brushes With Greatness' in their wonderful beauty hall (a place I often wonder through, lusting after the products). I attended the Thursday event where I was able to chat to Sophie Beresiner A.K.A Elle Magazine's Beauty Director, Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends and  Sarah Coonan- Liberty's Beauty Buyer (best job, ever?) There was also the chance to chat to acclaimed hair colourist Josh Wood, but with my student budget groaning under the weight of Spring Break and my roots popping out to say hello, I decided it perhaps best not to show my face at his table *puts a hat over roots in embarrassment.*

There was also the chance to get a complimentary palm reading (apparently I have a long life line and was told to never stop writing!) or tarot reading, a fringe trim with Atelier's Bang Bar and a massive £160 pounds worth of gift with purchases over £100. I can't tell you how nice it is wandering around, playing with makeup and beauty products with a glass of champagne in the other hand- bliss! A few of the brands also had makeup artists in, including NARS and Laura Mercier.

I was lucky enough to chat with Sarah Coonan, Liberty's Beauty Buyer about her job and her favourite products  of the moment. She told me she took part in Harrod's graduate scheme after uni, which lead her to fashion buying, and then into beauty buying. She told me she loves her job and has never looked back! It was also refreshing to hear that brands as prestigious as Liberty's still turn to beauty blogs to find great products to stock- you heard the lady, bloggers, we are needed! Her favourite product of the moment is Hourglasses Ambient Powders. 
Sophie Beresiner, Elle's Beauty Director advised me internships and work experience are the way forward in the world of beauty journalism. We also had a long chat about her cult product at the moment: Ellis Faas Mascara, which she reckons is an insiders secret! She also told me that although she would write that us girls should apply our bottom lash mascara first, she always coats her top lashes first as she is always looking for the quickest way to do things when it comes to beauty.
I also chatted to Ruth Crilly who told me all about the BAFTAs, her favourite shoes of the moment and advised me to try the Alpha H Absolute Eye Complex and the Dermalogica Eye Treatment from their Power Recovery Range. I managed to get a sample of the latter from the Dermalogica counter and am already 100% sold on it. Its cooling, super light and smells like strawberries! We also had a chat about our cats, both being cat people! All the best people have cats. Its official.

I got a lovely purple Liberty's bag of goodies to show you at some point- so stay tuned for that!

Amy x

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Spring/Summer Prints Lookbook

Summer and Spring prints are something I've been trying to incorporate into my everyday wardrobe. I don't do plain.... So I got together with Charlotte of CharltomWintale to do a collaborative lookbook on how we wear these prints! Are you a print person?

Amy x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I know I'm often told that there's a pot of gold

So, honestly what do we think about crosses as a fashion statement? Lets open that can of worms, because I'm just not sure. Personally, as someone who isn't especially religious, but very interested in fashion, I don't see anything wrong with crosses on clothes/jewellery. Its a statement, but to me, a statement that says 'I think this is a pretty pattern' not 'I AM LOOKING TO OFFEND.' Yet still, with this view point, I was, erm... reluctant... to post this, in case I upset anyone. But on the flip side- this dress is possibly one of the most awesome dresses in my wardrobe right now. So maybe I should stop caring?






Dress: *Chicnova
Necklace: Antique
Shoes: *Office
Ring: River Island
So give me your opinions on crosses and enjoy the mandatory 'ermahgerd blossom' photographs. I got snap happy- oops!

Amy x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

All I see is signs, all I see is dollar signs

So its got a little bit nippier today, but determined to get a little bit of colour on my legs I've kept them out and thrown a jumper on up top. True, British logic, right there. I'm also entering the dreaded 'examination period' and although I am only a baby first year, I still need to work. Le sigh. Hopefully fashion posts will be fairly regular now the weathers nice though!




Jumper: Hollister
Shorts: Lee*
Shoes: Office*
(*Money for items, supplied by Fashtag for involvement in a shopping challenge to be expanded on next week!)
Some of the items I'm wearing (including these fab shorts) were purchased by me with money given to me by Fashtag, for a challenge for their channel. You can watch the 'Fash 'n' Grab' challenge featuring me, SianShutterbug and FashionRocksMySocks on the Fashtag channel this coming week!
Nail Polish: Pixi Number 13*
Ring; Gift 
In other news, I'm already tiring of being one of the only ones at home (my uni had a completely different Spring break to everyone else). Literally Jimbo, youtube and blogging are the only things getting me out of bed on the ever so boring week days. I'd also like to ask, if you think I deserve it, if you would nominate me in the Cosmo Blog Awards 2013. This time you can nominate my blog (the-cameras-lying) under Best Established Fashion Blog and my youtube channel (thecameraliesbeauty) under Best New Beauty Vlog! If you do, please let me know and I'll send you a hug! Click here if you want to help me out!

Amy x