Monday, 28 October 2013

Daily Mix TV #BigShopOfHorrors Halloween Party

Jaz and I! Isn't she beautiful?
Halloween came early for me this year, with the arrival of an invitation to Daily Mix's Halloween party invitation. Held in a sky high bar in London, with stunning views, great food/drink and of course, the BEST company, it wasn't to be missed. So, I donned some Black Swan makeup and got ready to dance. 
Myself, Louis and Ben
Marc and I
Jaz and I
Myself and Lauren
 The party was sponsored by ASDA, who ensured we were on a sugar high all night with piles of halloween sweets, boxes of popcorn and nachos! There were also Halloween themed cocktails and an open bar. Watch my VLOG (below) to see what chaos that caused....
Liv, Jaz and I
Myself and a terrifying clown Jim
Me and my beauty bootcamp babe
Zoe looking gorg, as per!
Joe, Myself and Marc
Kate looking sexy!
If all the above wasn't enough, there was a photobooth, Zoe at the DJ turntables and plenty of new faces to socialise with. It was so lovely to see the Daily Mix crew again and a big thank you to them and ASDA for the best night.

Amy x

Make love your goal

This dress was a huge on instagram when I posted it, people were desperate to see how I'd style it! !Its an eBay special, super cheap, but not dissimilar from the Black Milk digital printing dresses. Anything silky, with a digital print on it, I'm instantly drawn to these days. So, when this baby fluttered past me during a casual eBay window shop, I had to buy it. Its got the freaking Cheshire cat on it guys!


Dress: eBay
Jacket: *MaryJaneFashion
Boots: *Barratts
Necklace: *Jelly Button Jewellery
Socks: Topshop
Let me know if you like this new backdrop, or not. I thought I'd change things up a bit as I just love the view from my road! 

Amy x

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Jewel Candles Review

 A few years ago, Elle or Allthatglitters21, made a youtube video featuring Diamond Candles. The idea was simple, a ring worth from $10 to about $5000(?!) was hidden in each candle. You burnt the candle to find your unique ring. I loved the idea- jewellery and a scented candle all in one? Christmas come early. But, it was US only, so I put my hammering heart to bed and forgot about them. Until, UK based Jewel Candle contacted me a few months ago. The company is similar to Diamond candle: pretty scented candles housing either a ring (large candles) or earrings (small candles) each jewellery item within guaranteed to be worth between £10 and £250. The wanted to send me some candles, and of course, I said yes.

 I received one ring candle (in the scent Sweet Cupcake) and one earring candle (in the scent Cuddle Care). There are a variety of floral, fruity and sweet scents available in a range of colours- to suit everyone's tastes and room decors. Sweet Cupcake is a sweet, sugary, warming vanilla scent whilst Cuddle Care is a freshly washed linen smell which I like to light in my bedroom, half an hour or so before I go to bed as its a really relaxing scent.

The larger candle burn for about 150 hours and it takes about 10 to reveal your jewel. The jewels in question are wrapped in heat resistant foil to protect them and come with a little tag telling you how much they are worth.

Waiting for my jewels was exciting and when I could finally tweezer them out I was beside myself with excitement. The ring I received is pictured above, I love it. Its worth £50 and is of course, like all the jewels, sterling silver. The earrings I got are similar to the ring, silver with a silver jewel and were worth £35. The ring candles retail for £24.95 and the earring candles £16.95, which may seem pricey, but for a scented candle with 150 hours of burn time AND a jewel inside, its a pretty great deal.

I think jewel candles would make AMAZING gifts for friends and family, a twist on the classic scented candle. A big thank you to jewel candle from me!

Amy x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Sparkling light, flowers and pearls and pretty girls

Yep, today's post is a shameless self plug, infact, the whole day I spent in this outfit was, really! But, I don't care because I love this tshirt! My Godfather actually made it for me, he owns a tshirt making Etsy store- Billy Ruben, which makes some real gems! Amongst the stock, my favourites have to be the 'dolla make me holla' tee, an ode to Honey Boo Boo, the Haim tee (who doesn't love the latest 'it' band?) and the Bastille tee all for a penny pinching £9.89. You can also by a 'The Camera's Lying' tee, if you want! Alternatively, you can contact the store and get your own blog name put on a tshirt.


Tee: *Billy Ruben (contact store for your own custom blog header tee)
Shorts: Vintage Levis
Jacket: *Romwe
Shoes: *Romwe
In other news, the winner of my Giveaway is Rachael Stewart! Congrats girl! Thank you to everyone who entered. I have emailed the winner and will give her 2 days to reply before choosing another winner.

Amy x

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Right now I wanna free fall & not think of you anymore

Today's post is a 'what I wore to uni' post, which is funny considering its a Sunday as I write this, but I always take photos and take at least 3 days to blog them- sorry! But this is one of those outfits that, on the face of it, is super simple. Jeans, tee, jacket and boots, but a few key pieces add a bit of the- 'oh hey she put some thought into her outfit' factor.
Tee: Topshop
Jeans: Dorothy Perkins
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace: *Next
Jacket: vintage via Rokit

For me its the boots and necklace which give this outfit its punch, they are my new favourite things. Especially my Jeffrey Campbell boots, once you go JC you ain't going back!

Tablet: *Acer Via Argos
 I also wanted to talk about my latest gadget thats been attached to my hip since I received it. Step in the student budget friendly Acer Iconia B1-710- 7 inch tablet. At just £99 reduced from £149.99 its a great partner for every college or uni student. Mine is perfect for taking notes during lectures, reading PDFs on and downloading powerpoints and word documents onto. As its a android machine, I have been able to put my favourite uni apps on to it, including the Microsoft suite! Its been so handy that I recommended it to my younger sister, currently doing her A Levels and he went out and purchased one for herself.

Of course, this is me we are talking about, so I also use my Acer Tablet from Argos to blog with the blogger app, watch netflix and of course, instagram! The tablet has a handy front camera, great for skyping and insta selfies, a nice 7 inch screen which I find to be just right for viewing purposes whilst not being too heavy or large to easily pop in my backpack and take to uni. Me and my tablet? We are best friends.

Amy x

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

To distract our hearts from ever missing them

In retrospect, I didn't need the thick tights with this outfit- its been so warm these past few days! Not that I'm complaining of course. I wore this outfit to uni as the boots are really comfortable and the dress is a ready made outfit, with minimal fuss! I'm wearing glasses as my contacts had been giving me grief, but I don't think they hinder the outfit, they kind of work with it!



Dress: Romwe
Tights: Primark
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Bracelet: Gift

Can we take a moment to appreciate these boots please? Meet my new Jeffrey Campbell's straight out of Office's sale. They are buttery soft leather and amazingly comfortable! I'm also loving this handmade bracelet at the moment, I've had it for a few years but I rediscovered it recently and its been a staple for my wrist. I'm running a MAC giveaway, here, don't forget to enter!

Amy x

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013

On the 2nd October I headed up to London's OXO tower, and its glamorous views for the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2013 party/presentation! I was shortlisted in two categories: 'Best Established Fashion Blog' and 'Best Beauty Vlog' which was incredible to me. For such an awesome event, I needed a dress just as amazing. Step in Wish Want Wear who are a dress hire service in London. They kindly offered to send me a dress to wear from their amazing website, which is a rental service jam packed with gorgeous designer dresses! 

I chose this Notte by Marchesa 'Vivaldi' gown, as I've never worn a floor length dressy dress and it looked so elegant. The hire price of this dress is £175, but the RRP of the dress is a whopping £925, so if you want to be a princess for a night, I highly recommend it. WishWantWear offer the chance to have an extra size sent to you if you are unsure which will fit, the also cover you against minor damages like spills and rips, so no need to worry! I found the whole service really great and I felt so glamorous.

The event itself was a fantastic, glitzy affair with cocktails (cosmo's of course), eyelashes, manicures and hair styling on offer! I met some girls I'd been wanting to meet for ages- namely the stunning Corrie and Ysis and got to see some of my fave girls who I've partied with before: PaigeZoe, Georgie, Rhiannon and Olivia! Unfortunately I didn't win in my categories, but Tanya Burr and Olivia took the crowns, so two well deserved winners, I'm sure you'll agree! Thank you to everyone who nominated and voted for me, it meant the world!

Watch the above vlog to see what was in the goodie bag, up close shots of my makeup and some cameos from other bloggers! To say thank you for this, and so much more you have given me, I'm running a MAC giveaway, here, don't forget to enter!

Amy x