Monday, 30 June 2014

Review: Pia Jewellery

Okay so I'm pretty proud of the photography in this post... dare I say it- pinterest worthy?! But I felt a cute set up was needed to do these lovely rings the justice they deserved. I was spoilt for choice with all the lovely pieces on Pia's website, but I decided on three rings in the end as I felt rings were where my jewellery collection lacked most in- most of my rings are cheap ones which turn my fingers green- nice!

I chose this Blue Opalite Ring, the Flower Girl Ring and finally the Fit For a Princess Ring! I love them all, they are so delicate, pretty and versatile. They look cute stacked together, or alone and best of all- they don't turn my fingers green! I highly recommend you checking out Pia if you are looking for affordable silver jewellery, I think they would make a great pit stop for gifts! Don't forget to visit my depop here, and to follow me on bloglovin' here.

Amy x

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Guest Post: FayBurmingham

Hello readers of 'The Camera's Lying' blog, you have probably noticed that this post is a little different as Amy and I have swapped blogposts! So Hello fellow readers of 'The Camera's Lying'. My name is Fay, from the blog 'FayBurmingham' and Youtube channel 'FayBurmingham'. Amy contacted me asking whether I wanted to do a guest blogpost for each others blogs, and of course I accepted! It's a great idea to introduce our readers to other bloggers, and do something a little different! So if you'd like to see Amy's outfit of her day in Eastbourne, head on over to my blog to see the photo's!

I took a trip into town today to pick up a few things from Superdrug, it was that time of the year when the excitement of buying the 'Shade 2' of my collection concealer came, which is a sign for me it's officially summer and the sun has given me a slight glow. My makeup is now far too pale for me, which for a makeup addict like myself, just gives me an excuse to buy more!
It was a beautiful day today so I took the opportunity to put on my midi dress from Primark which I bought last year. I love the tie dye print as it makes me feel summery and I love the colour! It cuts off just above my knee, and is quite snug fitting which I quite like. I paired it with my 'flat-form' shoes from New Look which have basically been attached to my feet since I bought them. Then to complete the look, I put on my black hat from Topshop which makes any outfit look a bit more put together, plus my hair was crazy wild today so I had to tame it somehow! I also carried all my essentials I needed in my cute little cream bag from Accessorize, which again I can't get enough of!

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you liked the 'guest post' idea! Don't forget to take a look at Amy's outfit over on my blog! Thank you for reading and thank you to Amy for the collaboration!
Take care,
Fay x

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Outfit: Printed Jumpsuit & Chunky Heels

Never one to shy away from colour or bold prints, I've fallen in love with this jumpsuit. Its made of a lovely light material- making it a Summer staple, and the perfect evening outfit. I love the greens in the shoes and belt against the pretty pink in the jumpsuits- clashy and bright in the best way. I topped the ensemble off with a simple little silver necklace, as I had a lot going on, in the outfit and makeup!

*Jumpsuit: Lavish Alice
Shoes: Topshop
Necklace: Jewellery by Jaymie
I've been working super hard this week, lots of events and meetings in town- all of which should hopefully amount to some super exciting things this Summer! I wanted to let you know, that I have been filming lots of videos as I'm doing 'a video a day for a month's starting from 1st July on my channel 'TheCameraLiesBeauty.' It is going to be a lot of hard work, but hopefully you'll enjoy it! Don't forget to visit my depop here, and to follow me on bloglovin' here.

Amy x

Friday, 27 June 2014

Benefit Gabbi's Head Pub

So apparently, there is this thing on TV at the moment called 'The World Cup.' I, clearly, am none the wiser to any of this, but when Benefit invited me down to their very own pub, 'Gabbi's Head' set up for the duration of The World Cup, I decided to get involved. Benefit have taken over the top floor of a pub in Covent Garden (Drury Lane), painted it pink, kitted it our with a brow bar and beauty goodies- all in the name of The World Cup and bringing beauty to London's ladies, over a glass of vino. Benefit and Echo Falls teamed up to host a 'Beauty Bloggers VS Fashion Bloggers' Table Foosball Tournament, complete with wine and football cake pops to boot.
photo c/o Benefit's Blog

Whilst I was chilling out in the Benepub, I decided to have my brows waxed and shaped at the Bene Brow Bar, a mere few metres away from the bar- handy! Benefit are doing brow waxes, tints and shaping throughout the duration of The World Cup at Gabbi's Head and all they ask is that you donate £5 to charity which you can do through text or cash donation! Above is the finished result and I'm so pleased with my new brows. The brow game is strong. FO SHO.

Photo's C/O Lily of Lily Ann Loves
Initially I was conflicted- was I a beauty blogger or a fashion blogger?! I decided to team up with the gorgeous Lily of Lily Ann Loves on the beauty blogger team, and we pretty much wiped the floor of the competition. My competitive side came out (spurred on by all the wine, I'm sure) and I had great fun playing with the pink customised Benefit Foosball Table. Above you can see Lily and I in action and then our celebratory photo, immediately after winning- we are grinning like Cheshire cats!
I had a fabulous day at Benefit's Gabbi's Head pub and I'd like to thank Benefit and Echo Falls for looking after me. If you'd like to visit Gabbi's Head, Benefit have set up shop until 13th July 2014, open everyday midday until late. 150-151 Dury Lane, 1st Floor, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5TD (Above the Prince of Wales). Don't forget to visit my depop here, and to follow me on bloglovin' here.

Amy x

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Outfit: Denim Cut Out Dress & Floral Crown

The cut outs of this denim dress are nicely balanced by the fact the dress has a high neck line and an 'almost midi' length to it. To make the heavy looking denim dress more Summery, I added a floral crown (one of my favourite Summer accessories) and a colourful necklace, which has a lady like feel to it mirroring the elegant lenth of the dress. I love this outfit, and think it would be absolutely perfect for a Summer garden party or BBQ, for which you could opt for sandals instead of heels for a more casual look.

*Dress: French Connection
*Necklace: OASAP
*Heels: Glamorous
Floral Crown: Primark
*Flower Ring: Pia Jewellery
*Crown Ring: Pia Jewellery
I also filmed a morning routine video, in which you can see me go from morning troll to something vaguely more human like, wearing this exact outfit. I'm quite proud of that video, as its the first one I filmed on my new camera and I think its pretty fun to watch. Speaking of my new camera, my fabulous parents and Granny have clubbed together to buy me a Canon EOS 650D for my birthday (next month, but I got it early, cheeky!). Hopefully this will mean quality of photographs and videos will definitely improve from here on out!
Before I go, I'd like to mention I'm selling a brand new Triangl Bikini on my depop here, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' here.

Amy x

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Don't you worry if I disappear

I've had this coord for almost a month now, and its only just making an appearance on my blog. That, in itself, is a travesty. I, like the rest of the blogosphere and fashion world, am coord obsessed. I feel cool, put together and totally adorable in coordinating sets and this one has all the makings of a great coord: colour, pattern and great tailoring. The outfit speaks for itself, which I why I wore minimal makeup and black accessories with this set- its so loud, I don't want to over do it!
Co-ord: Rare London
*Sunglasses: Firmoo
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
I wore this outfit to visit Gabbi's Head Pub in Covent Garden for a Beauty Bloggers VS. Fashion Bloggers Table Foosball contest. Gabbi's Head is Benefit Cosmetics very own pub (for the world cup, at least!) and I will be blogging all about that, very soon- so stay tuned. Before I go, I'd like to mention I'm selling a brand new Triangl Bikini on my depop here, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' here.

Amy x

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Little Mistress X LOOK Event

Little Mistress kindly invited me along to two events this week: first up, a pamper session at Cheeky Parlour where myself and a few other bloggers were treated to drinks, canap├ęs, hair styling and nails along with a sneak peak of the Little Mistress and LOOK magazine dress collection. It was lovely to be pampered and the team were super friendly. I'd highly recommend Cheeky Parlour as a great pamper palace for you and your girls, especially if you like a parlour with a quirky, cool interior! 

I chose a deep, evergreen manicure, which has lasted a few days so far, and a boho milkmaid plait hair style. I loved my hair and wish I had the hand eye coordination to recreate it at home! After the pamper session, we were whisked away in taxis to the cool Motel Studios for event number two: the after party! At the after party we were shown the preview of Little Mistress's first ever TV ad, promoting their collaboration with LOOK magazine. In keeping with the theme of the advert, the venue was dressed up to the nines with a cool, urban Alice in Wonderland vibe. 

Photo c/o TheBriarRoseBlog
I had so much fun chatting with the lovely Megan of TheBriarRoseBlog, who is so beautiful and a true sweetheart. It was lovely to get to know her better, as often at blog events you find yourself 'circling' the room, trying to chat to everyone! We also chatted with Lauren of Laurenella and Clare of Rainbows and Fairydust who were so much fun. Amongst a sea of cute photo opportunities and great conversation, we were also treated to Big Apple Hot Dogs- mm, mmm.
Crop Top: Primark
Shorts: River Island
*Monogram Necklace: ONecklace
*Geometric Shapes Necklace: Born Pretty Store
I vlogged the event and the day, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm really into daily vlogging at the moment. If life is worth living, its worth capturing- that is the motto I seem to be living by, currently! If you enjoy the vlog, don't forget to comment, like and subscribe.
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Amy x

Friday, 20 June 2014

Daily Vlogging

A week or so back, I walked outside to be greeted with a wave of sunshine, blue skies and decided to sack everything in, have a day on the beach, sunbathing. I also decided, it would be the ideal day to vlog. Brighton is so beautiful and I love showing it off to you guys- I love living here so much! It was nice to be able to kick back and vlog without worrying if I was annoying any of my non-youtube friends. I love watching daily vlogs, so its always fun to turn the tables on myself!

Above are some shots of beautiful Brighton, I took on the day, to give you a taste of whats to come in the vlog below, should you choose to watch it. If you do, be sure to comment, like and subscribe! Leave me a comment below telling me your favourite daily vloggers, I currently love The SacconeJolys.
Before I go, I'd like to mention I'm selling a brand new Triangl Bikini on my depop here, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin' here.

Amy x