About Amy


I was born on 13th July, 1994  which makes me a Cancerian. Apparently that means I am emotional, loving, protective and sympathetic which is true. But, it also means I am 
changeable, moody and overemotional, which I think my family would agree with!

I started this blog in 2011, as a way of letting off creative steam and exploring my love of beauty, fashion and photography. It seemed a great way to escape the pressures of school and a great way to document life, to be able to reflect upon later.

I was born in Surrey, just outside of Greater London and grew up there, but I am currently studying Philosophy at Sussex University, in Brighton.

I love photography, reading, Netflix, Johnny Depp, Sophia Coppola films, cats, tea, M&Ms, macaroons, Paris, London, Brighton, sunsets, fairylights, turquoise, vintage clothes, Disney, antiques, The Sims, history, tea cups, My Little Pony, bunnies, glitter & pancakes.

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