The Girl Behind The Blog:

What IS 'The Camera's Lying?'
'The Camera's Lying' is my creative brain vomit. I put down everything I love here and whilst some may not see that as 'niche' and therefore marketable I've found a lovely lot of readers and will continue to write about what I love regardless of page views. Here you will find fashion, muses, photography (personal and professional), beauty, reviews, music, literature and a whole lot of rambling. No, I can't define this either.

What Prompted You To Start 'The Camera's Lying?'
I started to stumble across blogs via Tumblr and quickly decided I needed one of my own. I love writing or any sort of creative outlets and blogging seemed a perfect way to bump up my literary skills and not bombard my friends with beauty chat they weren't interested in!

Why The Title?
The name 'The Camera's Lying' came from a Paramore song: 'Fences.' The whole lyric is 'Just living proof that the camera's lying.' I liked it, I felt it was very poignant into today's air brushed society. 

What Camera do you use?
I used a trusty Canon EOS 500d for most of my earlier blogging and we were best friends. As of June 2014 all my photographs are taken on a Canon EOS 650d. I also use a Canon film camera and a Diana F+ when I'm feeling brave. Although 99% of images I use are mine, If I use any images which aren't, it will be stated and the image linked to its owners blog/flickr/website.

Your Layout?
My layout has been designed by Craftyhippo designs!

Can I use your photos?
Of course but please, please credit me! Do as you would be done by.

Will you ever do Youtube videos?
Yes! I have two channels, currently. One beauty and fashion channel 'TheCameraLiesBeauty' and one VLOG/lifestyle channel under the name 'CameraContemplations.' My channels are partnered with Style Haul and I'm definitely a youtube convert!

Can I guest post on your blog?
Please don't email me asking if you can guest post, as the answer is no. However, sometimes if I'm going away for a long period of time I will request guest posters on my twitter (@_thecameralies) so make sure you follow me there so you don't miss out!