Monday, 29 September 2014

Outfit: Mint Knit & Boyfriend Jeans

So, avid readers of The Camera's Lying may recognise this backdrop well enough to deduce that I am back in Brighton, for my third and final year of uni. Which, is pretty blooming terrifying. However, I am pleased to be back in Brighton, not least for its pretty scenery for blog photos! I wore this ensemble the other day, pretty much because I love the way all the colours work together and I'm totally obsessed with boyfriend jeans contrasted with a structured court shoe- so satisfying. 
Shirt: Primark
Jumper: Primark
Jeans: Primark
Rings (L-R): Pandora, *Pia Jewellery, Santorini
*Shoes: Glamorous
I accidentally wore nearly all Primark, but what with this being my first outfit post since being back at uni, I think that is pretty fitting. My nails are also Primark- little stick on ones that come with glue. They cost only a pound and can last about 4 days if you look after them carefully, I'm obsessed! I've always admired people who are good at nail art, I'm useless, so these give me nail art with out the fuss.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Video: Sam Pepper's Ass Pinching Prank

Over the weekend, the world collectively took a sharp intake of breath and winced as Sam Pepper's 'Fake Hand Ass Pinching Prank' went live and saw him groping strangers on the street. The video went viral and after many of the top youtubers spearheading campaigns to remove the video, youtube took it down. Sam Pepper didn't comment (although found the time to tweet about Pizza) and twitter went wild with a division between Sam Pepper supporters and people saying 'hold up, that is totally not okay.'

I was firmly in camp two and made this video on the issue. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to say, but I felt that Sam's video had such a damaging impact, that I wanted to try and at least counteract some of that. I felt I was fair, whilst firm about the issue and have wrong I felt the 'prank' was.

The lovely Sam King, retweeted my video and that, combined with people searching for Sam's original video, and stumbling across mine instead, lead to a large amount of views and comments. Soon, horrific comments, condemning feminism, condemning me, commenting on my personality, appearance and even my right to live were flooding my inbox. I was getting more tweets than I could keep up with, abusive youtube messages and emails. It all became a bit much and if I'm honest, a little bit scary.

As I write this post, Sam released 'part 3 of 3' claiming his initial video and follow up video of a female sexually harassing men on the street were simply to raise awareness for domestic abuse, sexual harassment and misconduct. Again, I was inundated with comments of people saying 'its okay it was all an experiment' but I'm inclined to disagree. Having seen other video's on Sam's channel, this is not the first time he has sexually harassed people with videos such as 'stealing peoples girlfriends' and a video where he tries to force strangers to make out with him on the street. It seems to me, hes done some serious damage control and said 'hold up, its okay, because it was a social experiment.' Well, be that true or not, it is still not okay. Many impressionable young fans look up to Sam and he needs to learn to use that responsibility, responsibly. He gave off a bad image and drew many horrible people out into the open, who thought it was okay to condone Sam's actions and validate the initial video, before 'part 3' even aired.

Further more, Laci Green, youtube queen and all round do gooder (who started a viral Tumblr post calling for Sam to remove the video and apologise) has tweeted saying she is receiving emails from young fans who claim to have been sexually assaulted by Sam Pepper. Popular vlogger 'TheBeDottie' has also since, come forward, bravely telling her own story of her experience with Sam Pepper and sexual assault.

With so many allegations against Sam, and youtube heavy weights such as Carrie Fletcher, Laci Green, Tyler Oakley and Hank Green all publicly announcing their distaste for the whole thing, its a wonder that Sam can come back from this at all. I leave you with my hope that in the future, people will think before posting videos with damaging messages on the internet, and that Sam Pepper makes no money off this shambles.

Amy x

Monday, 22 September 2014

Blogging Advice: PR & Working With Brands

When I started blogging, PR companies were about as likely to send a blogger a freebie as Kate Middleton is to name her unborn child 'Shaniqua.' However, in recent years, the blogging industry has boomed and PR companies and brands are realising our influence and worth. People invested more and more into sending out samples to bloggers and inviting bloggers to events but bloggers themselves 'kept Mum' about the whole she-bang. The questions began arising- 'how do you get free samples' and  'how do you "get know" by PR companies?' Although I wouldn't class myself as an expert, after 4 years of blogging, I think I know a bit and now its time to impart my knowledge upon my readers!

1) Social Media, your butt off.
Every time you feature a product or review something, tweet the brand letting them know, post the link to their facebook page and if you are feeling brave, send an email to the company (their general info emails can usually be found on the companies websites) letting them know and linking them to your review/feature. This is totally acceptable and in my experience, brands love knowing when they've been blogged about! If you are lucky the brand may retweet your post or follow you and perhaps keep you on their books for future blogger samples/event invites.

2) Net to the Work.
Talk to other bloggers, brands and PR companies on twitter (not in a 'look at my blog/promote me/follow me' peacocking manner) but replying to tweets and getting involved with '#bbloggers' chats. This will plant your name firmly in brands heads so when they plan things like events and samples being sent out, you may be at the forefront of their mind. Befriending bloggers can be just as useful as befriending brands themselves. Blogger buddies can get you plus ones, contacts and recommend you to other PR companies- so be friendly!

3) Know the lingo.
When brands start to build relationships with bloggers they will want to know a few key things and this is where a certain amount of technical lingo maybe thrown around. Its important you know your blog stats, which will usually mean, most importantly your 'Unique Users Per Month.' This can't be found out if you are on and you will need to go through a second party, such as google analytics. You should also know the difference between a sponsored post, 'c/o' review, sponsored review and guest post. A sponsored post will involve anything in which the blogger has received money for a review or for a link in a post. In this case, you will need to make your link 'no follow' in the Html coding, (blogger has an easy tick box when adding a link to do this) so that you comply with googles policies. 

4) Professionalism.
Finally, remember that if you want people to work with you, you need to remain professional- both on your blog and your social media. If you have a tenancy to rant or use obscene language on Twitter, perhaps think about having a separate blog and personal twitter. Think 'would I want this person to work for me' before you sub-tweet!

I hope this helps and if you'd like more blogging help and advice style posts- tell me below and be sure to share this on Twitter, I would greatly appreciate it.

Amy x