Thursday, 11 September 2014

Video: Primark Haul

So apparently, Youtube LOVES a Primark haul. Fortunately, Amy loves a Primark haul too, so that is what today's post is. Primark's new A/W 2014 collection had hit stores, and it was a mecca of squishy jumpers, warm shades and pleather. Get. In. My. Basket. I'm playing my cards close to my chest with this post, so if you want to see what I bought, you'll have to watch the video!
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Amy x

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Review: Benefit Majorette #Cheek2Cheek

If anyone knows how to do surprise packages, the Benebabes over at Benetowers do. They also know how to do innovative beauty launches and their latest one is the first of its kind. Step but the 'Majorette' Benefits new release, which fell through my letter box today. Along side the Majorette, I also received 'Rockateur' blush and a 'sneak a peak at those cheeks' personalised Benefit mug. Winning. 
The premise of the Majorette is a unique one- it claims to work alone as a cream blush, but also underneath your powder blushes as a sort 'blush enhancer' and primer, helping them last longer and look brighter. In terms of the Majorette packaging- I'm in love! A cute, vintage orange pot, with scalloped edges and a nice big mirror on the inside. Its quite big, which means you get loads of product, but its not so great for travel. However, it has a fantastic magnetic close, which is both functional and satisfying. 

The product itself blends like a dream, I like applying it with my finger and blending with my Zoeva Stippling Blush. It feels very light on the skin and has a universally flattering peach tone too it. Whilst the product doesn't shimmer, it leaves a healthy glow on your face which adds a touch of youthfulness, whilst its at it. For me, the test of a products longevity is a day of filming under my hot, bright studio lights. If it holds its own under the heat and inevitable sweat, its a winner. The product alone last a good 6 hours of filming, which impressed me greatly. It also added an extra hour and half  to two hours of wear time to my powder blushes, which is great for nights out or girls who do youtube, like me!
In the first picture, I am wearing Majorette alone, and in the second, underneath Rockateur blush. Often, I find products that claim to do two things, fail at one and excel at the other. The Majorette is great at not only boosting and prolonging other blushes, but holding its own as a blush alone. Fans of blusher and Benefit, you can purchase Majorette from Benefit for £23.50 here.

Amy x

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Style Fruits Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers Top Trumps 2014

 Its not often one gets to say- 'hey I'm a Top Trump card!' So, when Style Fruits contacted me asking if I would like to be a part of their 'Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers Top Trumps' 2014 pack, I immediately jumped at the chance. They asked me some blogging and quintessentially British questions such as number of umbrella's owned and blog age for the card questions. I took the job seriously, answering honestly and I don't think my card is one of the 'dud' cards that you know you will lose, every time with- haha! 
Unfortunately the 'Brilliantly British Fashion Bloggers Top Trumps' aren't available to buy, but you can download a PDF and print out a set for you to play with, here.You can also apply to be apart of next years deck, on the Style Fruits website. Thank you to Style Fruits for including me and sending me a couple of packs, I've dished them out to all the parents and Grandparents!

Amy x